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With the many functioning parts of a toilet and the beating a toilet can take in a commercial environment, one of the most common plumbing issues faced by a business is a leaking or broken toilet.

At Beckley Plumbers, we offer complete toilet repair and installation services to the City of Beckley residential and business community.

Toilet Repairs

If you have older toilets in your place of business or home, you will likely run into minor damage and repair work.

In some cases, especially in hotels and office buildings, it isn’’t financially possible to replace every toilet in the facility.

At Beckley Plumbers, we seek to remedy the solution.

We can repair most older toilets, given the right information.

We know how to locate parts for older toilets.

Just give us the make and year of your model, and we will get you an estimate on the repair job.

Toilet Installation

In some cases, toilets are beyond repair, especially with the abuse heaped upon them in commercial locations.

Public restroom facilities are a particular problem in many cases.

If our Beckley Plumbers plumbing technician finds that your toilet is beyond repair or maintenance, such as drain snake cleaning, we can help you choose the best industrial and commercial plumbing toilet models and get them installed quickly and effectively.

We work with all types of toilets, including low-flow toilets and handicap plumbing.

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