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Beckley Plumbers can fix your plumbing problems.

Do you have a drippy faucet?

Does your residence or business need a major re-piping?

Are you having a midnight emergency?

If so, then Beckley Plumbers are here for you.

Call 304-651-4517 and let us deal with your plumbing problems.


Whether you need a hot water tank installed or basic plumbing repairs, Beckley Plumbers are master plumbers that can take care of all your plumbing problems.

We handle all kinds of repairs, installations, and other jobs throughout our greater Beckley area.

When no one else shows up for the job, we will.


Have you ever spent days trying to hire a plumber?

Only to be left waiting for hours, nobody shows up, calls, or least send someone else?

You are not alone.

We know how it feels.

When you need a job done fast, the last thing you want is some one who doesn’t even show up to do the job. 

Introducing: Beckley Plumbers.

We are local, reliable plumbers.

Beckley Plumbers is Beckley’s newest and most reliable plumbing service.

We will answer the phone when you call.

We will show up for our appointments.

And most of all, our expert plumbers will fix your plumbing problem.

You will get your money’s worth.

Call us today, so we can get your plumbing working fast.

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Our goal is to answer the phone when you call, show up for appointments we set with you, and fix your plumbing problems until you are completely satisfied.

Your not going to worry because we are professionals.

We want you to have a peace of mind.

We promise you have nothing to risk. 

If you are not 100% satisfied with our work, we will give you your money back.

Sound fair enough?

Beckley Plumbers Will Take Care Of All Your Plumbing Needs

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How can you prevent incidents from happening in your home? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a seal or document that let you know whether the repairman, plumber, or company that you were contacting was reputable? Well… there is! The Technician Seal of Safety is just that. When you call on a business that carries the Technician Seal of Safety, you know that you are working with a tested, tried, and safe business with a great reputation. Beckley Plumbers is one of the only plumbing businesses in the Beckley area that currently carries this seal of approval.


The Technician Seal of Safety is awarded by a large group of other professional contractors and repair specialists. Any of the businesses carrying this seal specialize in the areas that they advertise (in our case, plumbing). To earn this seal, each of our plumbers has been drug tested and professionally trained by other specialists. Each of them have also undergone several different types of criminal background checks. Together, these things mean you are receiving the best and safest services in the area. 


Here at Beckley Plumbers, we are committed to safety for both our plumbers, as well as our customers. For years, we have went above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to both safety and service. As part of this tradition, we have applied for and received the Technician Seal of Safety. As mentioned above, this seal assures our customers that all of our plumbers are safe and have passed a variety of tests that prove that is so. You can rest assured when you call one of our plumbers. Your valuables, loved ones, and your peace of mind is safe with us.


We like to think that we are constantly ahead of the curve when it comes to the services we provide customers. By applying for and receiving the Technician Seal of Safety, we are proving this yet again. A few states have already made it the law that certain technicians, repairmen, and/or contractors pass safety requirements. Even before it has become law to do so in West Virginia, we are taking it upon ourselves to do it on behalf of our customers.


Oftentimes, hiring a cheaper service, or one that is not carrying the Technician Seal of Safety, seems tempting. Completing the job yourself may also seem tempting. However, all of these options can put you at unnecessary risk. We have all the knowledge and tools to complete your job right the first time. This can prevent you from paying future further repair or plumbing bills. Our prices are competitive, and our plumbers have been working in the area for years. Best of all, we are a locally owned business that you can trust.


Are you interested in working with the most trusted plumber in the Beckley area? If so, give Beckley Plumbers a call today, or contact us here through our website. Whether you have a plumbing emergency, a regular repair, or just want to learn more about us, you can find it all here. A member of our friendly and helpful staff is standing by right now to answer your phone calls or inquiries. With Beckley Plumbers, you know you are getting the very best of service in the area. Come see why so many local customers trust us already.


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We Install Appliances

Looking to replace your old appliances? Let Beckley Plumbers install your new appliances, so you know your new appliances are installed correctly. We will be glad to pick up, deliver, and install your new appliances today. Our professional staff are here to assist you in picking out the right kind of appliances for your residence or business.

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Drain Cleaning Service For $99

Does it take forever for your drain to empty? If you have wasted a pretty penny on drano and other harmful chemicals to unclog your drain, then it is time to let the professional clean your drain for you.

Right now, for a very limited time, Beckley Plumbers is running a super deal on our Drain Cleaning Services.

While time permits, we are cleaning drains for $99 per sink. You got that right, you will not find this deal anywhere else.

Call us today to get your drains cleaned and stop wasting your time standing next to a sink.

This deal may be receded at anytime and without warning. 

Call us at

(304) 923-2013


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